Phillips Chapel CME Church

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Nashville, Tennessee  37210
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Reverend Valencia Jordan, Pastor


Enter to Worship, Depart to Serve.
Sunday School:                   9:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship:               10:00 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study:     6:30 p.m.


"To Serve, Save, Heal, and Set Free"
Reverend Valencia Jordan

Reverend Valencia Jordan

 Phillips Chapel CME Church

Phillips Chapel CME Church


In 1910, Prather Walker and his wife, who were dedicated members of Capers Memorial CME Church, moved to South Nashville, to begin what we now know as the history of Phillips Chapel CME Church.  Prather Walker collaborated with an anointed preacher, David Daniel Venable, who was preaching on the streets of South Nashville at the time.  Holsey Mission was formed under their leadership, which later became Phillips Chapel Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, named in honor of Presiding Bishop, Charles Henry Phillips.  Many members of the neighborhood joined the church, and the church experienced significant growth.  An example of that growth is when Dr. Mattie E. Coleman moved to Nashville, TN, and joined Phillips Chapel.  Dr. Coleman’s affiliation with Meharry Medical College (then located in South Nashville) played a significant part in the growth of the church.  In 1964, the name of the church was changed to Phillips Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1911, the congregation purchased a church building located at 88 Wharf Avenue in South Nashville, from a white Baptist congregation.  The building consisted of an auditorium with a choir loft and two small Sunday School rooms.  The congregation worshipped there until 1951 when the property was bought by the city of Nashville for University Court Public Housing.  The congregation, under the pastorate of Rev. G. A. Spears, moved to a temporary location, Nelson Merry School, at Second Avenue and Chestnut.  In 1953, under the pastorate of Rev. R.B. Ingram, the congregation built and moved into the present building.  Brother Prather Walker, the only chartered member, spearheaded the building committee during this process.  The congregation was extremely happy, as truly God had blessed them with a building to include a sanctuary, choir loft, pastor’s office, restrooms and a lower unit with a dining area.

Under the leadership of many devoted pastors, talented officers and faithful congregations, Phillips Chapel CME Church has continued to strive to meet the various socio-economic and spiritual challenges over the last century.  It is our desire to build upon the foundation of those devoted saints in 1910 who laid the ground work for our church.  We hope to manifest that same spirit and continue to lead the church to be what God has called it to be.